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Table 1 Number of methylated and unmethylated genes in sperm and muscle a

From: Identical sets of methylated and nonmethylated genes in Ciona intestinalis sperm and muscle cells

Sperm Muscle Total
  Methylated Unmethylated  
Methylated 4,089 17 4,106
Unmethylated 22 3,998 4,020
Total 4,111 4,015 8,126
  1. aMethylated and unmethylated genes were defined as genes with methylation levels less than 0.1 and greater than 0.9, respectively. We can reject the null hypothesis that the difference between the data sets occurred by random chance (P < 0.001 by Fisher’s exact test). Use of a different cutoff (methylated less than 0.05 and unmethylated greater than 0.95 or methylated less than 0.2 and unmethylated greater than 0.8) also rejected the null hypothesis (P < 0.001). A χ2 test also gave significant results (P < 0.001).