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Table 1 Sequencing data

From: Aging is associated with highly defined epigenetic changes in the human epidermis

Sample Age range Sequencing Number of read pairs Mapping efficiency Coverage Conversion rate
Young (n = 5) 18–24 Transcriptome 225,332,853 89% 500x n. d.
   Methylome 344,185,333 69% 11.3x 99.84%
Old (n = 5) 70–75 Transcriptome 221,387,474 88% 500x n. d.
   Methylome 334,873,828 74% 11.9x 99.88%
  1. Coverage indicates the average strand-specific genome or transcriptome coverage. Bisulfite conversion rates were determined by analyzing the conversion rates of co-purified mitochondrial genomes that were considered as unmethylated. Mitochondrial genome coverages were 1319x (young) and 1643x (old), respectively. n. d.: not determined.