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Table 1 Tissue culture cell lines used in this study

From: A quantitative atlas of histone modification signatures from human cancer cells

Cell line Media Comment
1. 293 DMEM Embryonic kidney
2. A549 DMEM Adenocarcinomic alveolar basal epithelial
3. C33a DMEM Cervical carcinoma
4. DUT145 DMEM Prostate cancer
5. H1229 RPMI Lung carcinoma
6. HaCAT RPMI Immortalized, non-tumorigenic keratinocyte
7. HCT116 McCoy 5A Colorectal carcinoma
8. HeLa Joklik Cervical carcinoma
9. hESC2 DMEM Human embryonic stem cells
10. HFF DMEM Human foreskin fibroblasts
11. HL60 IMM Promyelocytic leukemia cells
13. Huh7.0 DMEM Hepatocarcinoma
14. Huh7.5 DMEM Hepatocarcinoma (RIG-I-deficient)
14. MCF7 DMEM Breast carcinoma
15. MDaMB231 L15 Breast carcinoma
16. Mdm13 DMEM Monocyte-derived macrophages
17. NB4 RPMI Acute promyelocytic cell line
18. PANC1 DMEM Pancreatic carcinoma, epithelial-like
19. PC3 DMEM Prostate cancer
20. SAOS McCoy 5A Epithelial-like osteosarcoma cell line
21. SW480 L15 Colon adenocarcinoma
22. U2OS DMEM Osteosarcoma
23. U251 DMEM Glioblastoma
24. U937 RPMI Leukemic monocyte lymphoma