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Figure 3

From: Smchd1 regulates a subset of autosomal genes subject to monoallelic expression in addition to being critical for X inactivation

Figure 3

The epigenetic signature of deregulated genes in the Snrpn cluster is consistent with biallelic expression. The relative level of DNA methylation was quantified by qPCR of MeDIP recovered DNA in samples from ( A ) male and female E9.5 embryos, and ( B ) MEFs isolated from male E14.5 embryos. ( C ) The relative level of H3K4me2 for each gene was quantified by qPCR of ChIP recovered material in chromatin derived from MEFs isolated from male E14.5 embryos. The qPCR signal was normalized relative to that of Rhox6/9 for MeDIP or relative to input for the H3K4me2 ChIP. Results are plotted relative to the corresponding Smchd1+/+ sample. The genotype, sex, and number of replicates are indicated in each case. Statistical analysis was performed using the t test. In ( A ) **P < 0.01 or *P < 0.05 for Smchd1MommeD1/MommeD1 compared with Smchd1+/+. Statistical significance not shown for the comparison of Smchd1+/+ compared with Smchd1MommeD1/+. In ( B ) and ( C ) ** P < 0.01 compared with wildtype. Error bars indicate standard error. ChIP, chromatin immunoprecipitation.

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