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Figure 8

From: ZBTB33 binds unmethylated regions of the genome associated with actively expressed genes

Figure 8

Motif analysis of cell type-specific Kaiso binding sites. Kaiso peaks from GM12878 and K562 were compared to identify common and cell type-specific binding sites (the median tag height is shown in parentheses). GM12878- and K562-unique peaks were divided into two sets of peaks, those that contain and those that lack a Kaiso motif; GM12878-unique peaks were further separated into promoter proximal and promoter distal sets. A motif analysis was then performed for each set of peaks, identifying motifs for the GATA and CTCF families of transcription factors in the K562-unique peaks and motifs for the ETS and Runt families of transcription factors in distal GM12878 peaks (see also Additional file 8).

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