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Table 2 Specific name change suggestions for histones

From: A unified phylogeny-based nomenclature for histone variants

Old name Organism(s) New unified name
H2A (with SPKK motifs) plants H2A.W
H2A.Bbd mammals H2A.B
H2Abd1, H2Abd2, H2Abd bdelloid rotifers (bdelloid) H2A.1
to (bdelloid) H2A.3
H2AL mammals H2A.L
H2Av, H2AvD, D2, hv1, Htz1p Drosophila, Tetrahymena, Saccharomyces H2A.Z
SubH2Bv mammals subH2B
H2BL1 mammals subH2B
H2Bv apicomplexans H2B.Z
H2BV trypanosomes H2B.V
H2BFWT mammals H2B.W
TH2B, hTSH2B mammals (TS) H2B.1
H3(P) Moneuplotes H3.P
H3t mammals (TS) H3.4
H3v1 to H3v10 Stylonychia H3.1 to H3.10
H3V trypanosomes H3.V
H3.X human H3.Y.2
H3.Y human H3.Y.1
H4V trypanosomes H4.V
H1° animals H1.0
H5 birds H1.0
H1δ echinoderms H1.0
H1t mammals (TS) H1.6
H1T2 mammals (TS) H1.7
H1oo mammals (OO) H1.8
Hils1 mammals (TS) H1.9
H1x vertebrates H1.10
B4 frogs (Amphibian) H1.4
  1. Parentheses ( ) indicate an optional descriptor.