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Table 1 Characteristics of landing sites1

From: Quantitative analysis of polycomb response elements (PREs) at identical genomic locations distinguishes contributions of PRE sequence and genomic environment

Site Cytological location2 Genomic location2 Gene density3 Adjacent genes4 Next PC binding sites5 Chromatin type6 GTGTG8 GAGAG8 GCCAT8
1 chr. 2L, 38E3 20,716,266 2 +8 kb: CG9316 +42 kb: dia Red 59 36 51
     -1.7 kb: Hr38 -947 kb: bsh     
2 chr. 2R, 46E1 5,965,083 4 +0.8 kb: egr +1396 kb: inv Red 47 25 53
     -1.9 kb: CG1371 -97 kb: eve     
3 chr. 2R, 58F4 18,549,410 12 +29 bp: CG42566 +205 kb: fd59A Blue 43 26 36
     -0.5 kb: CG42565 -375 kb: dve     
4 chr. 3R, 100E3 27,899,491 1 Telomeric region - Yellow 41 38 17
     -5.3 kb: Map205 -5.3 kb: Map205     
  1. 1All four landing sites are located in intergenic regions with no PcG binding within a window or ±5 kb [9, 11].
  2. 2Cytological and genomic locations are shown according to FlyBase version FB2010_05.
  3. 3Gene density: number of genes whose gene span overlaps a ±10 kb window from the landing site.
  4. 4Adjacent genes: distance between genomic coordinate of the landing site and that of the closest edge of the next adjacent gene span in both directions (- = upstream, + = downstream according to genomic coordinates). Note that site 3 is located in the telomeric region of chromosome 3R, thus there is no downstream gene.
  5. 5Next PC binding sites: the closest Polycomb binding site up and downstream of the landing site was identified according to [9, 11].
  6. 6Chromatin type: Drosophila chromatin type according to [66] in which each landing site is located. 'Red' and 'yellow' chromatin types share features of transcriptionally active euchromatin but differ in the presence of specific factors (see Discussion for details). Note that the border of 'yellow' chromatin extends to 1.7kb upstream of site 4. This site is not assigned to a chromatin type in [66]. 'Blue' chromatin is enriched for PcG proteins and H3K27me3.
  7. 8GTGTG, GAGAG, GCCAT: the number of occurrences of each of these motifs within 10kb up and downstream of each landing site is shown.