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Table 1 Identified DMRs with known imprinted DMRsa

From: Genome-wide mapping of imprinted differentially methylated regions by DNA methylation profiling of human placentas from triploidies

Location Gene Expressed allele ICR Known DMR Identified DMR
1p31 DIRAS3 P - M M
4q22.1 NAP1L5 P M M M
6q24 PLAGL1 P M M M
7p12 GRB10 M/Pb M M M
7q21.3 PEG10/SGCE P M M M
7q32.2 MEST P M M M
11p15 CDKN1C M - Pc P
11p15 H19 M P P P
11p15 KCNQ1 d M M M M
14q32 MEG3 M P P P
15q11-q12 SNURF P M M M
15q24 RASGRF1 P - Pc M
16p13 ZNF597 M - - P
19q13.43 PEG3/ZIM2 P M M M
20q13 GNAS (NESP) M - P P
20q13 GNAS (XL) P M M M
20q13 L3MBTL P - M M
  1. aDMR, differentially methylated region; ICR, imprinting control region; btissue-specific parental origins of allelic expression; cparental origins based on mouse studies; dregion known as KvDMR1.