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Figure 6

From: Trans-generational epigenetic regulation of C. elegans primordial germ cells

Figure 6

H3K36 methylation by MES-4 is unaffected by Pol II knockdown in adult germ cells. Wild type and met-1(n4337) animals soaked and fed ama-1 double-stranded (ds)RNAi for >50 hours and whole-mount fixed gonads were stained for Pol II (AMA-1; left columns) and H3K36me3 (left middle) or H3K4me3 (right middle). Comparable pachytene stage nuclei of indicated genotypes and treatment are shown. Note that both Pol II and H3K4me3 signals were significantly reduced ama-1 RNAi, whereas H3K36me3 was unaffected.

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