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Figure 10

From: Trans-generational epigenetic regulation of C. elegans primordial germ cells

Figure 10

The maternal effect sterile (MES)-4 protein marks genes expressed in germ cells but not soma. (A-E) Scatter plot comparison between H3K36me3 in met-1 (mediated by MES-4) and H3K36me3 in wild type (mediated by MES-4 and methyltransferase (MET)-1). Gray dots show the log10 average read counts for base pairs between the transcription start and end site for all genes. Red dots highlight (A) X-linked genes, (B) germline-enriched genes, (C) ubiquitously expressed genes, (D) soma-expressed genes and (E) larval/adult germline-specific genes. See text and supplemental experimental procedures for descriptions of gene sets.

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