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Table 2 Site-specific polycomb sumoylation and ubiquitylation sites

From: Talking to chromatin: post-translational modulation of polycomb group function

Complex Drosophila Name Alternative symbol Accession no. Total no. of amino acids Modification site Conservation in mouse Refs
PRC2 Su(z)12 SUZ12   Q15022 739 K72 sumo K74 [42]
       K73 sumo K75 [42]
       K75 sumo K77 [42]
PRC1 Pc CBX4 HPC2 O00257 558 K492 sumo K490 [38, 99, 100]
  Sce/dRING Rnf2 RING1b Q9CQJ4 336 K112 Ub K112* [7]
PhoRC Pho YY1   P25490 414 K288 sumo K288 [101]
  1. The table lists PTMs confirmed by mass spectrometric and/or mutational analysis.
  2. Sumo = sumoylation site; Ub = ubiquitylation site.